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Feinstaubplakette Umweltplakette Environmental Badge

Environmental Badge for foreign cars (Umweltplakette)

Normaler Preis €22,90 Sonderpreis €16,90

  • Environmental badge for cars not registered in Germany
  • Second to none in pricing and service!
  • machine based printing process 
  • Font "Arial" 
  • Only for cars not registered in Germany.
We are authorised dealers and have a special allowance to issue environmental badges (Umweltplakette). Please be aware, that there are many scammers and imposters on the internet, who aren't authorised to issue such badges!

    In order to verify your car and to send out the badge, it is mandatory for you to send us your car registration documents.

    You can do so by attaching the file right here in our order page!